Physical Therapy

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You are having difficulty exercising or doing the things you love because of pain.

  • You have a chronic injury that you’ve seen doctors and therapists for but still persists.

  • Your doctor told you that you should stop your favorite activity, but that is just not an option.

  • You want to know how to get rid of that nagging pain for good.

  • You can’t do a deep squat without knee pain or falling backward.

  • You have severe dizziness that you take medicine for that just makes you tired.

Why Dynamic Physio is Different

  • You can skip the visit to see your physician and see us directly.

  • We get you better in HALF the time as the national average, saving you time and money. We can do this because we treat the whole body, not just a joint (as insurance dictates).

  • We educate you and give you the tools to stay injury free and understand how to treat yourself.

Are they really doctors?

Yes. Well, some of them. The paradigm of physical therapy has evolved. It used to be a bachelor’s program. Then it shifted to a Master’s degree. Currently, you can seek a Master’s or Doctorate in Physical Therapy. By 2020, the goal is for all Physical Therapy schools to be Doctorate programs.

What is the difference? More. More schooling (pharmacology, imaging, differential diagnosis, and a thesis), more techniques, and more access. The rules vary from state to state and in many states, physical therapists now have direct access meaning you can see them without seeing a physician first.


What exactly is manual therapy, and why is it important?

Most pathologies of the body are initiated with a restriction in either the soft tissue (muscles and tendons) or capsule (ligamentous) structures of the body leading to altered mechanics and faulty movement patterns. Most people are familiar with stretching, which addresses only the soft tissue restrictions.

In fact, capsular tightness can account for 50% of the restriction in a joint. Not only do our therapists place emphasis on improving joint mobility with hands on techniques, but we will also teach you the cutting edge mobilization techniques that are more effective then classic methods.