Are Your Flip Flops Causing Your Butt To Shrink?

We live in Florida and flip flops are almost a must. Closed toe shoes are no fun, I get it. However…

In a normal walking pattern, you land on your heel, roll through your arch, then push off your toe. The toe off part requires about 60-75 degrees of extension of the toe (toe up). When you are wearing flip flops, your big toe and second toe have to squeeze down on the thong to keep it on your feet (toe down). So instead of allowing your toe to move into extension, you squeeze the toe the opposite way into flexion. Now multiply that by however many steps you take in a day and it becomes a great way to develop plantar fasciitis (searing pain through the arch).


Then you have the hip extension issue. The normal toe off mechanic in walking means that you take a normal stride and extend your hip, keeping those glutes in good shape. If you don’t allow your toe to extend, then you are going to limit the length of your stride, and extend the hip a lot less. With time, you will develop what is known in the biz as F.A.S.-flat ass syndrome.

What to do? Toss out those flip flops. Or wear them A LOT less. Walk around barefoot, it’s better for you. When you stand, keep in mind that the arch is NON-WEIGHT bearing. It’s like a suspension bridge between your heel and forefoot. Focus on a long stride to activate those glutes. When you see someone with flip flops and flat feet, look at how little they extend their leg behind their hip. Now, stop doing that.