Dr. Christopher Ellis PT, DPT, m|wodS, C-PS

Dr. Ellis is a hands-on therapist who thrives at educating his patients. He has worked with military personnel and professional athletes, and strives to help his patients reach higher levels of performance. Being through physical trauma, Dr. Ellis understands what it takes to rehabilitate not only physically, but mentally. His relaxed and warm personality create a positive environment to achieve your goals.

On a Personal Note
Dr. Ellis took the hard road to find physical therapy. In 2002, he fell down an elevator shaft while working as a carpenter, fracturing his pelvis, a lumbar vertebrae, and his wrist. He began physical rehabilitation and several months later, found himself to be pain free and never required surgery or any casting. Dr. Ellis maintains an active lifestyle and continues to play ice hockey and practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Crystal Massage Therapist.jpg

Crystal Van denabeele, Massage therapist

Crystal Van Denabeele is a seasoned Licensed Massage Therapist. Her healing hands have been in business since 2005.

She loves her career and to her there is no better feeling than helping others achieve the best quality of life possible by reducing or eliminating their pain.

Her passion began when she had a friend who suffered from chronic lower back pain. Crystal wanted to alleviate her friend’s pain so she started looking into education for massage therapy. After extensive research, she enrolled at Florida Academy and the rest is history.

Throughout her career, Crystal has worked alongside respected Chiropractors but she is now focusing on in-home therapy.