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We empower active adults and athletes in the Naples, FL area stay healthy and optimize performance. Manual therapy based, one-on-one physical therapy.

Sports Physical Therapy • Manual therapy • Mobility Expert • Orthopedics


We empower active adults and athletes in the Naples, FL area to stay healthy and optimize performance

Our Method

Four Pillar Approach


We advocate for a well rounded approach to your physical well-being. We use what Dr. Chris calls the four pillars of wellness. Our time together is limited, so we won’t spend time on endurance. However, we educate on how to be more specific with cardio and will give you a program that is designed for you.

The majority of our time will be on mobility; this is where the hands on approach comes to play. We will also correct faulty movement patterns and teach you techniques for core activation that are so crucial to everything we do.

What to Expect


We are a one-on-one manual therapy based practitioners and will be spending much of our time together with hands on techniques to improve range of motion, flexibility, and reduce pain, depending on your needs. We will give you highly specialized exercises to meet your specific ailment.

What we do not do is waste time on passive modalities such as hot packs/cold packs, ultrasound, or other modalities that can be applied on your own. We see our role as educators. Once you have learned the correct movement patterns and no longer need our hands on treatment, we will set you free to continue on your own.

Full Systems Approach

We believe in treating the whole person, not just a specific joint. The body is a kinetic chain and usually where there is a symptom, there is the root cause of the symptom above or below that location in the chain.

Our approach is to treat dysfunction rather than pain. It just so happens that where a dysfunction is allowed to persist, pain tends to follow. Eliminate the dysfunction and the pain is eradicated.


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